The tree

The tree

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28 August 2022

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Roughly 20% of the world’s land surface is covered by forest, either natural or planted. Within this, there are two main species of trees “deciduous” and “coniferous”.

Key Information

As trees are sub-divided into two species “deciduos” and “coniferous”, the first one is known as “hardwood” and the second one as “softwood”.

Some “softwoods” are harder and more resistant to impact than many hardwoods.

Case studies

In 2003 Meredith Bowles completed a timber frame home for his family and an office for his architect’s practice in the Fens village of Prickwillow near Ely in Cambridgeshire.

To the architect, Maggie’s Oldham is a deliberate exemplar of how to create a fresh, uplifting and caring environment while eliminating the use of harmful materials.