Moisture-proof CLT construction without a full temporary shelter

Moisture CLT
Moisture CLT

Moisture-proof CLT construction without a full temporary shelter

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9 January 2023

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Moisture CLT

Because they are delivered with a low moisture content, structural elements in cross laminated timber (CLT) can be enclosed immediately. Elements in other materials may need to dry out before being enclosed. The moisture issue always needs to be addressed, but the method varies for different construction materials.

It is going to rain and maybe even snow during the construction process. The CLT elements are going to be exposed to moisture. But with the right handling, this needn’t be a problem.

The publication focuses on various parts of the building, critical details and connections. It gives examples of how these can be damp-proofed an d how the structural design can contribute to efficient construction in CLT.


Key Information

The full CLT handbook is a great resource for structural engineers and architects to design structures using cross-laminated timber (CLT). The handbook describes CLT as a construction material, as well as methods of design.

Case studies

A new workshop/shelter for project work at the Architectural Association’s Hooke Park campus has been built and designed by the students themselves. The workshop is the latest in the collection of innovative timber buildings at Hooke Park.

Built: East is a public pavilion, by OGU Architects and Donald McCrory Architects, that brings together both historical and present-day manufacturing innovations of its East Belfast location.