National Structural Timber Specification for Building Construction

National Structural Timber Specification for Building Construction

Date Published

10 September 2022

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With the advent of many engineered timber products and widespread adoption of factory production systems, timber has emerged in the 21st Century as a strong, head-on competitor to steel, concrete and masonry in buildings of a scale hitherto unimaginable in timber.

Because the use of Eurocodes is now widespread among engineers in all mainstream building construction materials, it has become easier for ‘steel’ and ‘concrete’ engineers to apply the same structural design principles to timber.

Key Information

The NSTS is for the structural use of timber in buildings to which national building regulations apply. Intended for use in the United Kingdom it may be suitable for use in other jurisdictions that follow British practice.


Case studies

Shingle House is one of six specially commissioned dwellings for ‘Living Architecture’, a social enterprise launched by writer Alain de Botton which offers holiday homes for rent in some of the most beautiful landscapes of the UK.

The buildings, which have been developed at CAT over the last 40 years, illustrate a miniature history of green building, demonstrating changing priorities and possibilities.