Performance of fire-resisting timber doorsets

Performance of fire-resisting timber doorsets

Date Published

10 August 2022

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Fire-resisting doorsets are required to be able to contain a fully developed fire, to facilitate escape of a building’s occupants and allow fire-fighting, and to protect the structure from the effects of fire. The doorset therefore must have resistance to fire, expressed in terms of time.

This Wood Information Sheet is intended as a guide to architects, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, building control officers, fire prevention officers and builders. It compares the various performance requirements for timber fire-resisting doorsets and makes recommendations on their specification.

Key Information

The bulding regulations and most fire protection/prevention codes call for a minimum performance with respect to integrity.

To determine the fire resistance time, adoorset is exposed to a ‘standard’ fully developed fire in a test furnance until failure occurs according to certain criteria.

There are some requirements regarding radiation effects and insulation to resist the rise in unexposed face temperature.