Skills Action Plan

timber in construction
timber in construction

Skills Action Plan

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8 March 2023

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Edinburgh Napier University
timber in construction

The UK needs to increase the use of timber in construction to achieve its Net Zero targets. But strengthening timber supply chains and boosting use of homegrown timber needs a workforce able to make best use of this renewable resource.

The Timber Skills Action plan provides an industry-agreed breakdown of the skills and knowledge required for building with timber. This will aid the development of training programmes and support Continuing Professional Development (CPD) progression, enabling built environment professionals to confidently incorporate timber into building designs.

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Case studies

For Studio Weave, timber was the clear choice both for construction and cladding, reflecting the woodland context and with the ability to create a building with a domestic and nonthreatening quality.

The new Maritime Museum, completed in 2002, is set between the town centre and the large warehouses of the docks. Here it provides a focus for local identity and attracts the visitors on which the Cornish economy now depends.