Specifying wood-based panels for structural use

Specifying wood-based panels for structural use

Date Published

21 August 2022

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This Wood Information Sheet (WIS) covers the following wood-based panels intended for structural use: cement bonded particleboard, fibreboard, oriented strand board (OSB), resin bonded particleboard (also known as chipboard), plywood and solid wood panels.

Boards of these types, intended for use in construction, fall under the scope of the harmonised standard BS EN 13986 Wood-based panels for use in construction. Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking and must therefore carry a CE mark or UKCA mark. From January 2022, products placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) must carry the UKCA mark. In Northern Ireland, CE marking is required while slightly different marking arrangements are prescribed for GB suppliers only supplying Northern Ireland.

Key Information

With the UK leaving the EU, UKCA marking will replace the CE mark for products placed on the GB market. During 2021 either mark can be used, but from January 2022 only the UKCA mark will be accepted.

Properties that must be assessed are bending strength and stiffness, bond quality/internal bond, durability, formaldehyde release and pentachlorophenol content. Additional properties may be required depending on the use.

If a Supply > Manufacturer;wishes to claim better performance values than those given in BS EN 13986, they can test and declare their own values as part of their Declaration of Performance (DoP).