Storing timber and wood-based products in distribution facilities

Storing timber and wood-based products in distribution facilities

Date Published

5 September 2022

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Timber is a reasonably resilient material, but bad handling and poorly organised storage are major causes of damage and wastage.

This can affect your business performance, particularly forspecials or materials with a long delivery time.

The problem of material wastage is also an environmental concern, so it is important to try to reduce it.

Poor handling and storage procedures are a health and safety hazard. Good, well-organised storage practice, which follows all relevant Health & Safety guidelines, will help to minimise these risks.

Key Information

A lack of care at a merchant’s storage facility can cause damage to wood products. For example: changes in moisture content due to excessive wetting or drying can cause subsequent problems in use, eg shrinkage, distortion and physical damage, poor stock control and rotation, leading to weathering, deterioration including splits, decay and discolouration, and/or corrosion of metal fastenings.

Case studies

Cork House is unique; it is the built form of a radical new approach to construction and sustainable design.

In the 1990s Oxo Tower Wharf entered a new lease of life when Coin Street Community Builders began a major refurbishment project to transform the building into an awardwinning mixed use development of co-operative homes, retail design studios, specialist shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars.