Storing timber and wood-based products on building sites

Storing timber and wood-based products on building sites

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5 September 2022

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Timber is a reasonably resilient material, but bad handling and poorly organised storage on building sites are major causes of damage and wastage.

This can affect your building costs, particularly for ‘specials’ or materials with a long delivery time. Replacements or remedial works may delay completion and result in financial penalties.

Key Information

A lack of care both before and during the construction process can cause damage to wood products. For example: changes in moisture content due to excessive wetting or drying can cause subsequent problems in use, eg shrinkage, distortion and physical damage, deterioration including splits, decay and discoloration, and/or corrosion of metal fastenings.

Case studies

Built: East is a public pavilion, by OGU Architects and Donald McCrory Architects, that brings together both historical and present-day manufacturing innovations of its East Belfast location.

Niall McLaughlin Architects has designed a new cafe at the end of the pier, commissioned in an RIBA competition. It is a simple timberframed glazed pavilion which gives all-round views to the sea; the timber structure is a repetitive form which resembles the skeleton of a beached whale or the ribs of a ship.