Timber Decking Handbook 2022

Timber Decking Handbook 2022

Date Published

26 October 2022

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Timber decking provides an attractive and often economical way to create a unique outdoor space, seating and entertaining areas or garden landscaping. Decking is ideal for residential and commercial projects alike – from patios and terraces to walkways, piers and playgrounds.

Wood’s natural properties bring added value too. It is warm to the touch and easily worked and its proven sustainability as a renewable building resource means it has got a lot going for it!

Correctly specified, designed, installed and maintained timber decking structures can be enjoyed year after year.

Key Information

This handbook aims to provide definitive guidance, as well as design inspiration, in a clear and easy to follow format. If some of the terms used are unfamiliar then the Glossary at the back of the handbook is a handy reference. The publication aligns with British Standards where applicable, making it both authoritative and consistent.

A collaborative resource from the Timber Trade Federation, the Timber Decking and Cladding Association, the Wood Protection Association and Wood Campus. This handbook is designed to be the ‘go to’ reference for all things timber decking.