Timber decking

Timber decking

Date Published

5 September 2022

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It is becoming increasingly popular for people to extend their living areas outdoors, into the garden. The commercial use of decking and walkways is also growing, with restaurants extending their dining areas and pubs providing smoking areas etc.

One of the best ways to create ‘a room in the garden’ is by building a timber deck. Simple and quick to build, it requires less groundwork than masonry construction, particularly on sloping or rough sites, and can blend in well with existing landscape features. It is also relatively easy to provide for simple changes of level with ramps or steps, and to allow for future extensions.

Key Information

This sheet will also guide anyone looking at the prospect of installing decking to understand the importance of specifying the correct timber, the need for and the types of preservative treatments available and also whether or not planning permission is likely to be required.

Case studies

The new theatre is small and intimate, a flat stage surrounded by two storeys of galleries framed in oak and lit by candlelight, creating what The Observer has described as ‘a strange play of authenticity and illusion’.

‘A beacon of hope for hungry drivers looking for quality food’ was how an eminent restaurant critic described Gloucester Motorway Services, which recently opened between junctions 11a and 12 of the north and south bound sides of the M5 near Brookethorpe, Gloucester.