Timber frame building: materials specification

Timber frame building: materials specification

Date Published

11 August 2022

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This Wood Information Sheet (WIS) outlines the materials normally specified for conventional timber frame buildings. Some variations will occur according to the structural design and detailing requirements of specific projects. Many of the components are also used in innovative forms of construction such as Design > Engineer;ed stud and twin stud walls, cross-laminated timber and structural insulated panel forms.

Many components, such as cladding materials and joinery, are not specific to timber frame and are therefore not covered in detail here.

Timber frame houses built under housing warranty schemes should also satisfy the scheme detailed requirements, which may not be covered in this WIS.

Key Information

The design of the structural framwork of timber frame follows Eurocode 5

Structural framing is normally softwood of strength class at least C16. Structural timber composites or Design > Engineer;ed structural componets can also be used

Structural softwood for use in buildings (service Classes 1 and 2 in Eurocode 5) is strength graded at an average moisture content of 20% and marked DRY or KD.