Timber in playground equipment

Timber in playground equipment

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21 August 2022

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Timber and wood products are widely used in children’s outdoor play equipment. This is mainly because timber is a versatile, warm, robust material, which fits well into this environment. It is more ‘friendly’ in the playground context than many alternative materials and has been shown to be preferred by users as well as specifiers.

This Wood Information Sheet (WIS) discusses some of the more important factors to consider when purchasing or designing playground equipment components of timber or composite construction and wood-based sheet materials. The variety of equipment is such that a complete guide to specification of timber for components is unrealistic and anyway would inhibit innovation. Maintenance, both routine and remedial, is important with frequent and sometimes demanding use of playground equipment exposed to the weather. Guidance specific to the timber and associated components of playground equipment is included.

Key Information

Playground equipment must be robust and designed to minimise risk of injury and vandalism.

Remember that failure of a component in a playground could result in injury.

Careful design can eliminate moisture traps but is not a substitute for using adequately durable materials.

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