TTF Monthly Stats – February 2020

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21 February 2020

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Timber and panel imports reached 1.08 million m³ in November 2020, which was the highest monthly total since the October 2007 volume of 1.04 million m³.

Key Information

This was the second consecutive month where imports of the main timber and panel products were above the 1 million m³ mark.

The growth in the imports of the main timber and panel products in November 2020 of nearly 37% is in stark contrast to the 39% reduction in volume in April 2020.

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Case studies

The new theatre is small and intimate, a flat stage surrounded by two storeys of galleries framed in oak and lit by candlelight, creating what The Observer has described as ‘a strange play of authenticity and illusion’.

The architect James Wyman has designed and built a small live work studio in an Oxford garden. It is distinguished by the careful detailing of its timber elements, winning the Small Projects category of the Wood Awards in 2014.