Understanding Use Class 3 c (Coated) UC3

Understanding Use Class 3 c (Coated) UC3

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21 September 2021

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Consumer and contract law require that any product offered for sale must be fit for its intended use and a wood product impregnated with preservative is no exception.

The minimum standards for the treatment of wood are set out in British Standard BS8417 (Preservation of Wood: Code of Practice). In this standard, the level of treatment is tailored to the application ‘Use Class’ of a wood product as defined in BS EN 335 (Durability of wood and wood-based products).

Use Class 3 is for end uses where wood is used outdoors NOT in contact with the ground.

Case studies

Ecos Homes is the development subsidiary of the Ecos Trust, established in 2000 ‘to make sustainable construction the norm, rather than the exception, by 2010.’

In 2019 an explosion of colour appeared on the sedate lawn of Dulwich Picture Gallery. It was the Colour Palace, a timber pavilion painted in exuberant geometric patterns and stripes in a kaleidoscope of zinging neon colours.