Upgrading timber joinery doors for fire resistance

Upgrading timber joinery doors for fire resistance

Date Published

9 August 2022

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This Wood Information Sheet gives guidance on assessing the suitability of existing doors for upgrading to give a 20 or 30 minutes’ fire resistance comparable with that of purpose-made fire doors. Upgrading to 60 minutes’ performance will rarely be possible.

Upgrading the fire resistance of existing doors is a common requirement in heritage buildings. Conservators look for solutions with minimal impact on the appearance and function of existing doors.

Key Information

Reasons for upgrading timber joinery doors for fire resistance.

Does the person that is going to be carrying out the upgrading work have demonstrable competence in upgrading the fire-resistance performance of timber joinery doors?.

What level of fire resistance is required?.

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Case studies

A dramatic timber canopy shelters the Constellations Bar, a new community space in The Baltic Triangle, between the Anglican cathedral and Queen’s Dock, a former industrial area in Liverpool which has evolved into a creative district.

Stanbrook Abbey was described in the RIBA National Awards citation as ‘a truly extraordinary piece of architecture’.