Wood windows

Wood windows

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5 September 2022

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Today’s high performance wood windows come double- or triple-glazed and pre-finished under factory controlled conditions. They carry some of the best warranties in the sector – typically 30-35 years for the frame and up to 10 years for the paint finish and glazing units. They provide a long-lasting, high quality product that enhances the value of a property, requires little maintenance and it is more simple to repair, has exceptional thermal performance, and the highest environmental credentials.

Key Information

A wood window is an engineered product, designed and manufactured to withstand extremes of weather. Only fit windows independently assessed to meet British Standards. For maximum durability and maintenance intervals, fit wood windows that have been fully painted or stained and glazed in the factory.

There are 2 ways to measure energy efficiency, U values & the British Fenestration Ratings Council’s (BFRC) Window Energy Ratings (WER)