Roof trusses add a touch of luxury to Oxfordshire development

Roof trusses luxury

Having successfully worked with Miller Homes to supply high-quality engineered timber roof trusses for several housing developments in the West Midlands, Scotts Timber Engineering was asked to design and supply luxury car barns for Miller Homes’ Elmhurst Chase site in Carterton, Oxfordshire.

Timber is a low-carbon solution, and incorporating this material into car barns provides a classic and timeless aesthetic for new homes. Timber car barns are also typically quicker to install than masonry, as they can be manufactured off-site and delivered just-in-time.

Scotts Timber Engineering’s team of inhouse architects liaised with the senior surveyor at Miller Homes, then designed three bespoke luxury car barns made of a glulam structure and cladded with treated softwood, which spanned 17m x 5.5m each.

Each car barn was carefully designed to ensure adequate space for electric vehicle charging ports, which Miller Homes has installed for their car barns. At the same time, there is space for owners of the car barns to install solar panels onto the roof, making them a one-stop for electric vehicle charging points for its users.

The process, from approval to manufacturing the car barns at Scotts Timber Engineering’s factory, only took four weeks.

The bespoke car barns were delivered to the site according to Miller Homes’ build schedule together with installation guidance, saving the on-site team time and cost. One of the car barns has been installed, with the remaining two due to be constructed early this year.

Forming closer relations

Forming strong relationships is important to every business, particularly for Scotts Timber Engineering, which is part of the Scotts Group and encompasses Scotts of Thrapston.

Head of Sales Billy Richardson explains: “The overall look and feel of the car barns complemented the aesthetics and character of the other buildings on-site, which could only be achieved by providing a highly tailored solution.

“Our team liaised closely with Miller Homes’ senior surveyor throughout to turn their car barns vision into reality, and adjusted our designs accordingly to ensure they fully met their requirements from a design, functionality and cost perspective. We hope this will start the trend for timber car barns for all new homes.”