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Timber Decking Handbook 2022

This handbook aims to provide definitive guidance, as well as design inspiration, in a clear and easy to follow format. If some of the terms used are unfamiliar then the Glossary at the back of the handbook is a handy reference. The publication aligns with British Standards where applicable, making it both authoritative and consistent.

Moisture in timber

Realize the importance of moisture content in timber and how it reacts and where it is best to work with.

Modified wood products

Appreciate the benefits, uses, properties and appearance of modified wood including the different processes it goes through

Wood – decorative and practical

Understand the difference between timber species, how they usually separate from each other botanically (Softwood and Hardwood) and the different uses they have.

Case studies

Focus House is something of an anomaly in its setting of a traditional Victorian London terrace, its zinc envelope contrasting markedly with the beige Victorian brick work of its environs.

The Kings Place development at King’s Cross is an unusual combination of arts centre and office building and incorporates the first new public concert hall built in London since the Barbican was completed in 1982.