Market Data

Find out more about supply, demand, and the price of timber products using our key indicators below.


The UK consumes between 15 and 18 million cubic metres of timber annually. Around two thirds of this timber is imported, and a third of this timber is produced in the UK. Find out more in our dashboard below, which uses TDUK import statistics and Forest Research.

Note: This data was updated on 25 February 2024 to include UK Panel Production. While we make every endeavour to ensure the dashboards we produce are wholly accurate, they continue to be a work in progress. All user feedback is deeply appreciated.


Timber is a globally traded commodity, and the UK is the second largest importer in the world. Find out below the volume, value, and origin of timber which is coming into the UK through our dashboards.


Demand for timber comes primarily from the UK construction industry. In the below dashboard, courtesy of the Construction Products Association (CPA), you can view both actual and forecast construction output. Full CPA statistics are available to our members.


The below dashboard is designed to indicate the price of structural timber imports by combining a basket of common, generic products used in the construction industry. Individual product prices may vary significantly.