Survey! Help us understand the impact of ‘greenwash’ on construction

The Anti-Greenwash Charter have launched a short survey (five minutes) to find out about businesses experience with ‘greenwash’ in the construction industry.

The survey aims to gather data on how greenwashing impacts the industry reputationally, commercially, and how it stands in the way of achieving valid sustainability goals.

As signatories to the Anti-Greenwash Charter, Timber Development UK is calling for members to take a few minutes to contribute to this survey, closing on 18 August 2023.

“If we are to overcome the climate challenge, it is essential that ‘green’ claims are backed up by evidence,” says Charlie Law, sustainability director of Timber Development UK.

“Responses from the industry to this survey will help inform us around some of the most common claims and phrases businesses are seeing in the market, which the charter can respond to.

“Please do take the time to reply to this short survey, and together we can help eliminate unhelpful and misleading claims from the market.”

You can find out more about the Anti-Greenwash Charter on their website.