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The Timber Development UK RPP is a risk management framework for the continuous improvement of our members.

    TDUK’s Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) is a risk management framework for the continuous improvement of members’ awareness, understanding and capacity for meeting the UK Timber Regulation (UKTR), the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and TDUK Code of Conducts. At its core, the RPP provides members with tools, guidance and independent review needed to allow continuous improvement of meeting the applicable legislations, providing a level playing field for all members and market reassurance and confidence for customers interacting with TDUK members.
    All timber supplier members who places timber on the UK market are required to go through an annual review and audit on imports made. The audit is carried out by Soil Association, UK. See detailed RPP-UKTR process in diagram below.
    The RPP was developed for timber trader members in 2003 and has since been adapted with an auditing process to confirm compliance with other regulatory requirements such as the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).
    From 1 January 2021, businesses importing timber products into GB need to carry out and demonstrate Due Diligence confirming that the timber has been legally harvested to meet the UK Timber Regulation (UKTR). Due Diligence is also required on timber products traveling from GB to NI, and from non-EU countries directly to NI under the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

RPP - UKTR Process flow


Schedule a one-to-one training or attend a group workshop.

We will walk through the full process and provide training and technical assistance where needed.

Email us for the next group training date or schedule a one-to-one.

Contact the team

Submit your annual return

Submit your annual summary on imports/purchasing data OR no-import declaration*.

We will send out a reminder prior to the submission deadline.

Annual Summary Returns form

No-import declaration form

Make a submission

Prepare evidence

Prepare evidence of due diligence for UK Timber Regulation (UKTR) of all timber imports made.

This includes a Supply Chain Map and Summary Report of Due Diligence (OPSS checklist and Step by Step DD)

Our templates can assist you, including our Supplier Questionnaire and letter to suppliers explaining UKTR.



A desktop-based audit* will be carried out by Auditors at the Soil Association.

You will be contacted by Soil Association for evidence of due diligence on one or two product samples selected from your annual returns.

Additional information or clarification may also be requested.

Audit checklist 

* There is an audit fee. This is currently capped at £200 + VAT per company per year (subject to annual review by TDUK).

Corrective actions

Conduct corrective actions following the audit.

This could include deploying specific risk mitigation measures, updating due diligence procedures or reporting, changing supply chains or species, or attending additional trainings.

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