Timber Ancillaries

Modern timber structures utilize not just wood but a range of other construction materials and timber ancillaries, which enhance and help to maximize the performance of our valuable wood products.


Fixings and metal work, both structural and non-structural are essential for bringing together individual pieces, wood elements and subassemblies. The research and testing invested in timber fixings have allowed timber structures to grow in height and stature. Their design seeks to create safe and efficient structures with the latest developments looking to achieve subassemblies made from wood which can be more easily put together and disassembled when the building reaches the end of its designed service life.

Textiles and membranes can be used to prevent moisture entering a timber structure and help to control the flow of air and moisture through the timber structure. The right combination of timber elements and effective textiles help to maintain the safe, healthy atmosphere within timber buildings which are so appreciated by the clients and end users.

Paints and coatings have been used for almost as long as we have been creating timber structures. Their colours and properties bring added dimensions to the natural beauty and performance of wood products. The careful choice and correct specification of paints and coatings are essential to ensure the products work together in harmony ensuring the appearance of wood is always looking its best.

Wood protection is more than just skin deep. Preservative treatments, flame retardant compounds and wood modification processes can all be used to fundamentally change the performance of wood. Increasing woods durability, its density or performance in fire situations are all ways to enhance the natural properties of the timber species which are most commercially available to the construction sector. Research and development of wood protection is essential for our sector to ensure we can keep maintain pace with the alternative materials being offered to the construction sector.

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