Timber shows its resilience at Hampton Court Palace

DHH Panel Products took great pride in supporting the RHS Resilient Garden at this year’s Royal Hampton Court Palace Garden Show.

A selection of hardwood and marine plywoods were used, including Eucalyptus Plywood and Okoume Marine Plywood. The Okoume was chosen for its moisture-resistant properties, which is particularly suitable for use in portable buildings, floors and walls. DHH Panel Products also supplied the Smartply OSB3 that was used for the initial frame of the structure.

Guided by garden designer Tom Massey, the space showcased how upcoming green areas can be tailored for resilience and adaptability in a warming climate.

At the core of the garden stood a central pre-fabricated garden studio, which was affectionately dubbed the ‘Bee House’. From here, visitors could enjoy the beauty of the entire garden.

The concept was brought to life by My Room in the Garden, and seamlessly integrated a range of sustainable wood-based panel products.

The Eucalyptus and Okoume Plywood panels played a pivotal role in crafting the interior walls, roof struts, and shelving. These choices were made not just for their structural integrity, but also for their inherently decorative surfaces, enhancing the serene atmosphere.

The garden studio was digitally fabricated in the workshop, meticulously preassembled, and effortlessly installed on-site within a matter of days.

DHH’s involvement in this ambitious project is a prime example of the company’s dedication to providing sustainable sheet materials that drive forward eco-conscious design and construction practices.