Watch our webinar series on inspiring timber projects from across the UK


Timber Development UK presented a series of six hour-long talks exploring inspiring timber buildings and products selected from the winners and shortlist from the Wood Awards 2022. Here is a round up of all the talks in the designTimber series, which you can catch up on below.

Leading architects, engineers, clients and timber fabricators delivered generous in-depth presentations about their projects, showcasing an impressive and diverse array of sustainable timber design and construction in the UK.

Featured projects included a ceremonial Cambridge college dining hall with a striking butterfly truss roof by Feilden Fowles, a vertical home in a converted steel-frame water tower by Tonkin Liu, a stylish, flood-resistant riverside home built using an innovative OSB cassette system, by Knox Bhavan Architects, and the refurbishment and restoration of an Edinburgh church centre by Konishi Gaffney Architects.

Towards the end of the series, we heard from UK Hardwoods and Buckland Timber about creating a beautiful industrial shed from UK-grown glulam, and finally was a presentation about the truly unique Fenland Black Oak project – from its unearthing to its present glory as a public table.

Catch up on the talks below:

Homerton College Dining Hall

The first talk focused on Homerton College Dining Hall by Feilden Fowles – a majestic timber-framed dining hall that combines high-performing engineered sweet chestnut glulam with traditional carpentry connections to glorious effect.

Architect Eleanor Hedley from Feilden Fowles, engineer Sophie Frith from Structure Workshop and timber specialist Paul Tracey from Constructional Timber delivered a detailed lecture on this dramatic feat of timber design, engineering and construction.

Water Tower

The second talk of the series was given by the multidisciplinary team behind the Water Tower – a unique reuse project which saw a dilapidated, locally beloved water tower salvaged and transformed into an enchanting family home.

Following a presentation by architect Mike Tonkin from Tonkin Liu and structural engineer Mervyn Rodrigues, client Dennis Pedersen took the audience on a video tour of the tower, revealing how the delightful timber interior strengthens the fragile steel frame from within.

March House

The third webinar featured architect Fergus Knox from Knox Bhavan, engineer Tim Lucas from Price & Myers, and Jonathan Green from digital manufacturing specialists BlokBuild, who presented March House, an innovation in bespoke modular design.

Sitting on a steel table-top platform, raised above the hundred-year predicted water level, this riverside home was built using an OSB cassette system which was developed through this project.

In their presentation, the team describe how they worked together to design and construct the house to harmoniously integrate with its environmental surroundings.

Greyfriars Charteris Centre

In the fourth session, architect Kieran Gaffney from Konishi Gaffney Architects, engineers Andrew Forshaw and Mike Gauld from Forshaw Gauld, and designer-makers Neville Rae and Scott Laverie from Old School Fabrications presented their restoration and retrofit of Greyfriars Charteris Centre.

With a timber extension and interior reconfiguration, the underused church and administrative buildings have been transformed into a thriving community centre.

In their presentation, the team focused especially on the design, engineering and construction of the beautiful open stair and timber link building, which came to define this complex project.

UK Hardwoods Storage Building

Project lead and client Tom Bedford from UK Hardwoods was joined by co-director of UK Hardwoods Polly Bedford and structural engineer Robin Nicholson from Buckland Timber to describe how they created this industrial storage building from UK-grown glulam.

Using timber from the client’s own land, which had been earmarked for felling due to larch disease, this project is a true demonstration of impressive vision and collaboration between local businesses.

Fenland Black Oak Project

In the final session we heard from leading members of the multi-disciplinary team behind the incredible Fenland Black Oak Project, winner of the Bespoke category in the Wood Awards 2022.

Project lead Hamish Low and designer Mauro Dell’Orco explained how a 5,000-year-old oak tree, found preserved underground in East Anglian bog land, was transformed into a spectacular 13-metre public table. They were joined by guest speakers, archaeologist Dr Francis Pryor and pre-historic wood expert Maisie Taylor, who gave fascinating context to the origins of the black oak tree and its place in society at the time of these ancient forests.