Wood for Construction

Wood is used throughout our built environment, including core construction components such as roofs, floors, and walls, which are often combined to form timber systems.


Wood has been used in the construction of buildings and structures for thousands of years. Its inherent strength, versatility and durability make it an ideal building material for walls, floors, windows and roofs, as do its heat resistance and sound absorption properties.

In recent decades much of the construction industry has turned to other materials such as bricks, blocks and tiles, there is now a significant move back towards timber and wood products in construction thanks to its sustainable nature.

Wood is lightweight and easier to handle than many other traditional building materials, while its high tensile strength means it can outperform even steel in terms of structural reliability, allowing for more complex and inspirational designs.

The construction industry is also a major contributor to global carbon emissions, and through responsible forestry management, wood is a renewable, low-carbon building material that can help tackle many of the environmental challenges we now face.

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