Wood for Interiors

Wood is extremely popular within interior design, for its aesthetic beauty, as well as its inherent properties such as durability, sustainability, and warmth.


Wood is an incredibly popular product that is often used by architects and designers to decorate the interiors of our buildings. This is because wood is durable, economical, easy to work with, long-lasting, and combines effortlessly with other textures to create a striking, inspiring aesthetic.

As the most sustainable building material available, wood also brings with it additional benefits such as noise absorption and rapid heating and cooling.

The use of wood in interiors has increased significantly in recent years, thanks to the rise in growing trend for biophilic design – designing living and working environments that help connect the occupants more closely to nature by ‘bringing the outdoors, indoors’.

Using natural materials such as wood on our walls, floors and internal surfaces brings a warmth and natural texture into any property.

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