Wood Species PDFs now available for download

Wood Species

At TDUK we have made an upgrade to our Wood Species Library. In our ongoing effort to provide valuable resources for members, we have introduced downloadable PDFs for each wood species page, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.

The Wood Species Library has so far offered an introduction to 139 timber species – detailing their characteristics, uses, aesthetic qualities, durability, density and much more. However, we understand the importance of flexibility in accessing and utilising this timber knowledge, which is why we’ve taken the initiative to make the information more readily available, in a format that’s easy to share, print and read.

With the new downloadable PDFs, you can save the detailed information on each timber species directly to your device and/or print it. Whether you’re compiling research for a project, collaborating with colleagues, or seeking inspiration on the go, these PDFs provide a portable solution that fits seamlessly into your workflow.

TDUK has taken this opportunity to visualise our introductory information about timber species, and will keep working to expand it and improve it.

We believe that providing members with access to valuable information is fundamental to driving innovation and fostering sustainable practices in the timber supply chain. By improving ease of use and access to our Wood Species Library, we will support your journey and help you explore the availability and suitability of different species for all of your timber needs.

Visit TDUK’s species library and explore timber knowledge at your fingertips.

Download them now.