Density in kg/m3

The Tree
A fairly large tree some 27m to 30m high with a long, cylindrical bole, about 15m high, above the sharp buttress, and with a diameter of about 0.75m.

The Timber
The sapwood is light brown with a pinkish tinge and is sharply defined from the heartwood, which is reddish-brown and has a lustrous surface; it has a fine texture, and the grain is typically interlocked and this produces a ribbon figure, the striped appearance on quarter-sawn material resembling sapele. It is hard and fairly heavy, being about 750 kg/m3 when dried. Planed surfaces have a somewhat greasy feel.

Dries fairly well with some tendency to warp. Care must be taken to avoid over-rapid drying or there may be a danger of casehardening with 'ribbing' of the surface.

It is a very strong and elastic timber and some of its mechanical properties are similar to those of European ash. It is however, significantly weaker than ash in its resistance to impact loads and cannot be recommended in place of ash for the most exacting purposes.

Working Qualities
Good - Danta works well with most tools, but has a tendency to pick up on quarter-sawn material. It turns excellently and takes a good finish and polishes well.

Latin Name
Nesogordonia papaverifera

Also known as
otutu (Nigeria), kotibe (Ivory coast), olborbora (Gabon), ovoue (Cameroons), tsanya (Zaire)

Wood Type

Extremely Difficult



Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana