Pine, Radiata

Pine Radiata

Pine, Radiata


Density in kg/m3

The Tree
In its natural habitat it usually grows to a height of 15m to 18m but in the southern hemisphere it tends to grow fast, reaching a height of 21 m to 25m in 25 to 30 years, usually with a diameter of 0.3m to 0.6m.

The Timber
The pale coloured sapwood is commonly 75mm to 150mm wide, clearly distinct from the pinkish-brown heartwood. The growth rings, although mostly wide and distinct show rather less contrast between early-wood and late-wood than those of Scots or Corsican pine, consequently the texture is relatively uniform. The average weight of the dried timber is about 480 kg/m3.

With care the timber dries with little degrade, however where spiral grain is present, appreciable warping may occur.

Comparable to European softwoods.

Working Qualities
Good - The timber works reasonably well and clear material has little dulling effect on cutting edges. It planes to a smooth clean finish provided cutting edges are thin and sharp. Dull or thickened cutters tend to tear the wide zones of soft early-wood and around knots. The timber can be glued satisfactorily.

Latin Name
Pinus radiata

Also known as
radiata pine, insignis (South Africa), Monterey pine (USA)

Wood Type

Easily treated



South Africa