Red Grandis

Red Grandis

Red Grandis


Density in kg/m3

The Tree
The tree can grow from 40-70 meters high, and up to 250cm in diameter, however plantation stock will generally be harvested after 20-30 years growth. The bark is smooth and mainly a light silvery or light green colour, occasionally the base may a darker brown colour.

The Timber
The colour can vary to almost white to light pink or dark red, the sapwood does not vary significantly from the heartwood, and this should be taken into account when processing it is for end uses where sapwood exclusion is important. The grain may be interlocked but plantation stock is generally more straight grained, and the texture is fine.

Moderate - Care needs to be taken to avoid checking and splitting during drying, warping is not common but fast grown stock may have a higher tendency to warp.

Reported to be comparable with oak.

Working Qualities
Moderate - Works moderately well with some difficulty in planing due to occasional interlocked grain, good nailing and screwing properties. Takes a good finish and can be glued satisfactorily.

Latin Name
Eucalyptus Grandis

Also known as
Rose gum, Flooded gum, Red grandis

Wood Type

Difficult (Heartwood), Moderately easy (Sapwood)


Medium to Fine

South America