Spruce, Sitka

Spruce Sitka

Spruce, Sitka


Density in kg/m3

The Tree
It attains a height of up to 60m with a diameter of 1m to 2m above the enlarged or buttressed base.

The Timber
There is little difference in colour between sapwood and heartwood, the wood generally being a creamy white, but the heartwood usually has a pinkish tinge. It usually has a very straight grain, but occasionally this may be spiral, while the texture is medium but dependent on the rate of growth, although on average this is usually fairly slow and even. The wood is non-resinous. without odour and therefore non-tainting, light in weight, about 450 kg/m3 when dried, and showing a silvery lustre on planed surfaces.

Dries rapidly and quite well, but care is needed if warping, splitting and loosening of knots is to be kept to a reasonable level.

Its strength to weight ratio is high. and compared with European redwood (Pinus sylvestris), it is some 25 per cent stiffer, and is about equal in bending strength, hardness and resistance to splitting.

Working Qualities
Good - It is easily worked, and provided cutting edges are kept sharpened, finishes very cleanly. It can be nailed, screwed, glued, stained, polished and painted satisfactorily.

Latin Name
Picea sitchensis

Also known as
Sikta spruce, Silver spruce, tideland spruce, Menzies spruce

Wood Type

Difficult to treat



North America, UK