Mapping the barriers to using more timber in construction

Construction barriers

The Timber in Construction Working Group has opened a survey to better understand barriers and enablers to the use of timber systems in construction.

The findings will help inform work by the government on the safe and sustainable use of timber in construction including the creation of a Timber in Construction Policy Roadmap for England.

We strongly encourage members to complete the survey below and assist in the government’s effort to expand timber construction in the UK.

The survey deadline is 5pm, March 10 2023.


What is the Timber in Construction Working Group?

The Timber in Construction (TiC) working group is tasked with identifying significant actions that should be taken by the Government, the construction industry and the timber industry in order to increase the number of timber and hybrid structures built in the UK.

The TiC working group is a joint Government initiative run by BEIS, DEFRA, DLUHC and the Forestry Commission.

Who is on the TiC working group?

TDUK is on the TiC alongside other timber and construction trade associations, academics, building regulators and insurers.

What does the survey ask for?

The survey asks what barriers, from your perspective, hinder the use of timber in construction projects. You will create three mind maps about barriers to the use of timber frames, mass engineered timber, and English timber products more widely. The survey will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

Defra will aggregate the survey responses to create and analyse systems maps, showing how different factors are interconnected. Systems maps are visual and analytical tools which are commonly used to help understand and approach complex challenges. This research intends to complement other approaches to understanding the barriers to using timber in construction.

Is my personal data safe?

No personal data is collected for this research. Results will not include any information that could identify individuals. The aggregated results may be published in a report.