Standardised offsite timber vehicle storage solutions

Scotts Timber Engineering (STE) has revealed a set of standardised timber vehicle storage solutions and porches, for architects, designers, and specifiers to implement sustainable timber into their designs and improve aesthetics.

The Easi-Fit range provides solutions for designers and architects that utilise natural materials to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar-based garages and porches.

James Scott, Managing Director of the Scotts Group, said: “Architects and designers play an important role in shaping the visual appeal of housing developments, and Easi-Fit empowers them to add something truly special to housing projects. By integrating our standardised timber solutions, designers can enhance the overall aesthetics of any project, whether it’s a sleek porch or an elegant vehicle storage solution.”

Taking advantage of timber’s suitability for offsite construction, Easi-Fit is delivered on a just-in-time basis to site meaning Easi-fit can also save time and resources during construction.

James continued: “As a company, we have recently completed our Carbon Footprint certification to ensure we can maximise the low carbon benefits of timber projects for our customers. For every tonne of timber used in our buildings instead of concrete, another two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are saved. Easi-Fit comprises prefabricated components made from PEFC-certified engineered timber that is delivered onsite for rapid assembly, minimising on-site construction time, while aligning to the end user’s expectations on sustainability.”

Scotts Timber Engineering has secured contracts with Miller Homes to deliver Easi-Fit products, with several more contracts in the pipeline. Customers will be provided with on-site training to ensure Easi-fit products can be installed as efficiently as possible.