Pine, Canadian red

Pine Canadian red

Pine, Canadian red



Density in kg/m3

The Tree
It reaches a height of 23m to 37m and a diameter of 0.5m to 0.75m.

The Timber
The tree receives its name from the colour of its bark which is a distinctive reddish-brown, the timber resembling European redwood (P. sylvestris). The sapwood is wide, often 75mm, of a pale yellow colour, the heartwood being pale brown with a reddish tinge to reddish-yellow, with a straight grain and medium to fine texture. The wood is somewhat resinous, but not enough to spoil the wood surface. There is a good deal of contrast in colour between the early-wood and late-wood in the growth-rings, especially in the heartwood, producing a figure on longitudinal surfaces. The wood weighs about 450 kg/m3 when dried.

Dries easily and uniformly, with little checking, twisting or cupping. Kiln-drying improves its finishing qualities by setting the resin.

Although softer than European redwood, its general strength properties are about equal to that species.

Working Qualities
Good - Works easily with both hand and machine tools, and finishes smoothly. It can be stained, painted, varnished or polished, takes nails and screws satisfactorily and can be glued.

Latin Name
Pinus resinosa

Also known as
Canadian red pine (North America), Norway pine (USA)

Wood Type

Easily treated



Canada, North America