Pine, Jack

Pine Jack

Pine, Jack


Density in kg/m3

The Tree
A medium-sized tree, it reaches a height of about 24m on good sites, but is more usually about 15m tall with a diameter of 0.3m.

The Timber
A timber of the hard-pine class, with a sapwood yellowish in colour and about 38mm wide, and a heartwood varying in colour from pale brown to reddish-brown. It is not unlike European redwood (P. sylvestris) in appearance, but is more resinous, brittle, and coarser in texture, and is inclined to knotty. The wood weighs about 500 kg/m3 when dried.

Generally dries without difficulty, but material from trees grown in open forest is inclined to warp owing to the higher incidence of knots and disturbed grain.

Similar to that of European redwood.

Working Qualities
Medium - Works reasonably well and a good finish can be obtained provided cutters are kept sharpened. As the tree is small, it produces little clear timber and accordingly, the generally knotty quality of the wood influences the quality of the finish. It can be screwed and nailed satisfactorily, and takes stains, polish and paint quite well, although the resinous nature of the wood may make this difficult at times.

Latin Name
Pinus banksiana

Also known as
Jack pine, princess pine (Canada)

Wood Type

Easily treated



Canada, USA