Address acoustic challenges in mass timber through CLT

CDM Stravitec has created a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course on using lightweight acoustic floating floors in combination with cross-laminated timber (CLT), exploring how these systems can address acoustic challenges in mass timber construction.

This online course presents the airborne sound reduction and impact noise isolation of lightweight floating floor systems and confirms that CLT-assemblies can provide satisfactory sound insulation.

Attendees can learn about test protocols, performance variables, the advantages of lightweight floors, and how to design assemblies that are both reusable and recyclable.

CDM Stravitec believes CLT solutions are a substitute to more traditional fossil fuel-intensive construction materials. Nevertheless, the use of mass timber poses some unique challenges in terms of acoustics.

Attendees will also be shown the results of lab measurements on different types of floor setups, including floor solutions using discrete bearings with various thicknesses and/or different void depths and resilient mats and strips; as well as different floating floors such as plywood, particle and cementitious boards, both with and without the use of constrained layer damping technique, as well as gypsum topping.

A technical bulletin on the subject is available online at