Lower James Street

Lower James Street

Number 10 Lower James Street, in London’s Soho, is a 1920s office building. The client, Knight Frank Investment Management, had concluded it was in need of an update and wished to extend it upwards. An extra storey was to be added, and they were interested in the new top floor having an art gallery feel.

Hale Brown architects (HBA) won a limited competition for the extension and refurbishment. Working with Heyne Tillett Steel engineers, their use of pre-fabricated CLT created a dramatic double-height office space with a mezzanine floor and angled rooflights. The extension added 80 sqm of space.

Lower James Street drawing section

Hale Brown also transformed the lower floors, creating a compact new office reception and a restaurant unit. The aesthetic of the whitewashed timber is carried down through the common parts with the office doors, and the WC and reception cladding. Work on Lower James Street completed in February 2017.

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