EU targets high-risk Birch Plywood imports from Turkey and Kazakhstan

birch plywood

The European Commission has launched an investigation into imports of Birch Plywood crossing the EU border from Turkey and Kazakhstan. Volumes from these sources have surged following the imposition of anti-dumping duties against Russian producers in 2021 and import-related sanctions against them in 2022 due to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The investigation has been launched following a request made by the Woodstock Consortium, a platform of leading European birch plywood producers, who are facing unfair competition from imports of Birch Plywood originating or their raw material originating in Russia. This group has been formed to help provide industry support to EU authorities in the investigation.

While the UK is no longer a party to EU anti-dumping measures, imports of wood products sourced from Russia since the start of Ukraine conflict are illegal to import into the UK, regardless of whether they are sourced directly from Russia or via third countries such as Turkey and Kazakhstan.

TDUK and its members have been highlighting since the beginning of the year, the issue of illegal Birch Plywood being imported via third countries with a number of specific cases being referred to UK regulators for further investigation.

Full details of the EU investigation including instructions for making written submissions can be found here  All imports of Birch Plywood crossing the EU border and having a declared country of origin of either Turkey or Kazakhstan will require additional registration as part of the customs declaration process. However, given the high risk nature of sourcing from these third countries we do not believe this latest investigation will have a direct impact on TDUK members.