Maximise your timber sales with new merchant guide

Timber Development UK has created The Merchant Guide to Selling Timber, a comprehensive new resource to help merchants make the most of their sales of timber and timber products.

The aim of the Guide is to be an introduction to timber and timber products written specifically for timber and builders’ merchants, which staff can use to learn more about the different types of timber available on the UK market.

Thanks to the information in the guide, merchants should be better able to understand the different timber types and species and what they are best used for, and to answer any timber questions they may be asked by their customers.

The Guide includes an overview of the benefits of timber as a construction material, as well as separate sections dedicated to all the different types of timber, such as plywood; hardwoods; panel and sheet products; structural and framing timbers; machined softwoods; MDF mouldings; modified woods; and decking, fencing and landscaping products.

Within each section, you’ll find an outline of timber’s main product types and uses, as well as details of the common timber species used for different applications. Key facts around sustainability, safety and quality are included for each product type, along with details of the relevant certifications and British and European standards that apply to each. There are technical tables allowing merchants to compare the different timber species, as well as pictorial examples of the different timbers in situ. There is also information on any timber treatments that may be required, and the due diligence you should carry out on any timber stocks you order.

You will also find top tips around availability and lead times, as well as key questions you may wish to ask your customers, so you know you’ll always give them the best advice and stock the right products. The Guide also includes key information that merchants should always ask their timber suppliers, to make sure that they are receiving the highest-possible quality product to sell on to their customers.

Crucially for merchants, each section also includes suggestions on how to upsell different timber products, as well as complementary products you may wish to consider stocking, such as the fixings, adhesives, paints and PPE that could add significant value to any timber sale.

David Hopkins, Chief Executive of Timber Development UK, says: “Timber and wood products are recognised as among the most profitable product categories for many builders’ merchants. Representing up to a quarter of a general merchant’s turnover, wood products now offer a huge range of both standard and special use materials, designed for more specific applications.

“We wanted to create a useful resource that would help merchants better understand these differences and how timber can be best used as a construction material, giving you all the information you need to support your customers and maximise timber sales.

The Merchant Guide to Selling Timber is designed to be an introduction to the world of timber – we would always recommend that you seek additional advice from your TDUK supplier if you have any questions.”

The Guide is available to download as a free PDF Here