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Timber cladding remains a popular choice due to its timeless beauty, stability, durability and sustainability. When choosing the right timber and profile for external cladding, it is important to consider factors like durability, appearance, maintenance, and cost. WL West Timber offer Oak, Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar cladding as standard, as well as other timbers, such as European Larch, on request.

Timber Species Available

Our European Oak is sourced from responsibly-managed woodlands in France. A dense, heavy timber, it makes a durable and long-lasting choice for external cladding. It has a natural resistance to decay and insect attack and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Maintenance is relatively low, requiring minimal cleaning and oiling.

The king of UK softwoods, our native Douglas Fir cladding is strong, very straight grained and 30% lighter in weight than oak. It’s rustic appearance make it well suited to rural properties. Both tough and durable, it is a cost-effective option for external cladding.

Western Red Cedar has a unique, attractive reddish-brown colour. It is lightweight, stable and naturally durable, making it the most popular choice for external timber cladding in the UK. Left untreated, the cedar cladding will stay straight and last for decades. However, if a surface treatment is required, the absence of resin within the wood makes cedar an excellent choice for painting and staining.

Cladding Profiles

WL West Timber timber cladding is available in a range of dimensions and profiles.

Fresh sawn (green) timber is best suited to feather-edge, waney-edge and square-edge profiles. These have a more traditional, rustic appearance and are perfect for country homes and rural outbuildings.

Air dried machined cladding profiles (such as shiplap, halflap or tongue and groove) are often used vertically or horizontally on modern buildings.

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