Postsaver celebrates 30 years in business

Gloucestershire-based wood protection business and TDUK member, Postsaver, has celebrated its 30-year anniversary by achieving 10 million product sales.

Jim and Richard George are two Gloucestershire brothers who once appeared on Dragon’s Den to pitch their innovative product idea to help protect fence posts from damage at the ground line caused by exposure to external elements, moisture and soil, for example.

Jim and Richard George of Postsaver

Founded in 1994, the Postsaver dual-layer barrier sleeve for wood has now been sold to more than 10 million products to customers globally throughout the fencing and utility industries.

Postsaver Pro-Wraps feature a dual-layer barrier protection system, that when heated, shrinks onto the post creating a long-lasting, high-performance, air and water-tight seal. This locks out all the factors required for decay to occur including moisture, fungi and oxygen at the post’s critical ground-line (up to six inches or 150mm below ground).

Richard, CEO of Postsaver, said: “With my background in engineering, I’m constantly on the lookout for solutions. Postsaver was born from my own experience of fence posts failing at the ground line.

“Ever since we manufactured our very first sleeve, the product has been evolving with improved solutions, better coatings and, only this year, we launched an extra-long Postsaver +PLUS product for use on structural timber.

“We’re proud of our achievements in the wood protection field and work closely with trade and industry bodies to promote the use of wood as the most environmentally sustainable construction material.

“We’re rightly passionate about its future and as the environment becomes ever more important, our products bring significant benefits by increasing life and reducing environmental impact, allowing the continued use of wood in the face of growing competition from other materials such as steel, plastic, composite and concrete alternatives.”

Following the launch of Postsaver the product underwent rigorous independent testing from the Building Research Establishment (BRE), which proved its effectiveness and enabled the team to offer a 20-year guarantee.

This then gave them the confidence to develop Polesaver, a more heavy-duty product for the utility sector. For Newfoundland Power in Canada, this meant their new Polesaver-protected poles are now expected to last at least three times longer than unprotected poles. Postsaver now works with utility companies globally, who use its products to protect millions of power poles.

Product development has always been at the fore for Postsaver and, as well as rot prevention products, the company now also offers anti-termite products that prevent termite attacks, and fire protection products that can withstand multiple wildfires.

As the company enters its fourth decade, it shows no signs of slowing down with its sights firmly set on growth across the pond.

Richard continued: “To bring the benefits of ground line barrier technology to a wider audience, we have recently expanded sales in the US and are in the final stages of developing our US online store.

“With this will come trade benefits for the fencing, decking, and structural timber market. Our company headquarters remain in Gloucestershire and we are still a family business but we’re evolving rapidly. 2024 looks set to be a record year for us and we’re very excited about what the future holds.”