Register your interest now for new timber engineering and design course

TimberTED - Sign up to new course.

Prospective learners are being called on to register their interest for new Timber Technology Engineering Design courses from the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE).

Two new 12-week courses are now on offer for built environment professionals to learn how to design and build net zero structures using timber. Timber TED 1, which covers design, materials, and sustainability, will be the first to start taking in students this September.

These courses are relevant to anyone in the built environment sector. So whether you are in a technical sales role, in a trussed rafter or timber frame business, upskilling within a merchant or joinery firm, or an engineer or architect seeking to level up, you should register.

A fresh perspective on timber

“Right now, we have a really incredible opportunity for learners to get on the ground floor of this new course, and become part of a leading group within the future of timber construction in the UK,” says Professor Robert Hairstans.

“As the first course of its kind, Timber TED offers the most well-rounded education on all elements of timber construction available in the UK, helping understand the journey of wood all the way from tree to high performing construction product.

“We are also close to securing funding to support the tuition fees of some pioneer learners. By registering early you increase your chance to get into the course, and to get some additional help towards your fee from our backers.”

Timber TED 2, the second of these courses, covers design, construction, technology, and manufacture. It’s set to become available in early 2023. Both Timber TED courses take a blended learning approach of online and in-person teaching at the new purpose built NMITE campus in Hereford formed itself for advanced timber technologies.

Students will be assessed using ongoing projects and challenges throughout the course, all in aid of a developing a personal portfolio that demonstrates their knowledge and understanding, after which learners will emerge from these courses able to design and execute a sustainable built-environment structure.

Armed with an understanding of timber construction and digitally driven design practices, learners will be well equipped to take on the climate emergency.

Skills development

“We are delighted to have been able to work so closely with NMITE and Edinburgh Napier University in the development of such an important series of courses,” says Tabitha Binding, TDUK’s head of education and engagement.

“There is a huge skills crisis in the construction sector, especially when you consider the volume of work needed for the industry to achieve net zero by 2050. This covers what was clearly a gap in the market around timber engineering and design education.

“These courses will not only provide fundamental skills for those looking to expand their knowledge, but also futureproof their skill set within a climate crisis calling out for more sustainable design.”

Timber Development UK (TDUK) has been a key partner in the development of these courses and will continue to support the courses once they are underway. For more information or to apply for the Timber TED courses, visit the website,, or you can contact the CATT team.