Timber Demand and Supply in the UK July

Timber Demand and Supply in the UK July

Date Published

21 July 2022




Timber Development UK has released its latest quarterly market statement which outlines the supply, demand and price trends seen in early 2022.

Key Information

The market statement provides a detailed analysis of the first quarter of 2022, looking at import and price statistics as well as the early market impacts of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Market data shows that the timber industry has responded to the Russia-Ukraine conflict by following sanctions and significantly reducing imports across all the main Russia import categories.

Future trends and predictions are also analysed in the statement, with construction output in key sectors such as private housing RM&I likely to decline as the cost-of-living crisis begins to impact consumers.

The report is split into three sections: supply, demand and price.

Case studies

Waddesdon Manor, a turreted Renaissancestyle French chateau in the rolling Chiltern hills, was built for Baron Ferdinand de
Rothschild in the 1870s.

For 17 magical days in July 2014, a demountable timber theatre occupied Guildhall Square, a public open space in the heart of Southampton’s cultural quarter, hosting plays as part of Southampton’s arts festival ‘Art at the Heart’.