TTF Market Statement – May 2021

Date Published

21 May 2021




To help shed greater light on the state of the timber market, the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has released a market statement to put the current demand and supply situation into context.

Key Information

The market statement provides a slightly longer perspective by taking a look at the data on volume and average cost price of softwood per cubic metre over the last three years.

These statistics show more softwood was imported into the UK in 2020 (6,608) than in either 2019 (6,394) or 2018 (6,594), (the figures for these years are shown in 000s of cubic metres).

In addition to this data, the market statement also explores where the timber market is now, how we arrived in our current situation, and takes a look towards the future of the market.

Factors considered in the statement include the stockpiling of timber ahead of previous Brexit attempts, the lockdowns, and the policy actions of the Government to counter COVID-19.

Case studies

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