TTF Monthly Stats – February 2022

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21 February 2022

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Timber and panel product import volumes continued to show a steady decline in Q4 2021 as more ‘regular’ demand returns to the market, according to the latest Timber Trade Federation (TTF) statistics.

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The latest TTF statistics found the volume of timber and panel products imported into the UK declined by 158,000m³ in November 2021 as compared to October 2021.

Despite these declines, with 768,000m³ of timber and panel products imported into the UK in November 2021, the total volume of imports reported in 2021 exceeds 11 million m³.

Most products categories are also nearing record import volumes in 2021 even as they enter more regular trade patterns – including the usual winter decline.

Softwood import volumes fell to 471,000 m³ – a 90,000 m³ reduction from the previous month – and this trend was carried across product categories ranging from particleboard to OSB and MDF.

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