Weekly Economic and Construction Update – 06 June 2024

Weekly Economic and Construction Update – 06 June 2024

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7 June 2024

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Be cautious using the output data, as the ONS appears to have been consistently overestimating output since 2022. The issues appear to affect all sectors but are most visible in housing rm&i, as previously highlighted by the CPA. The ONS problems may be due to two reasons: ONS underestimating prices and so overestimating volume when removing price from the value data, plus survivor bias in its contractor survey when grossing up to the whole industry due to the sharp rise in insolvencies.

Construction output in a weather-affected March 2024 was 0.4% lower than in rain-affected February and 2.2% lower than a year earlier, but it was still 3.0% higher than in January 2020, pre-pandemic, according to the ONS. Given the impact of the poor weather in Q1, Q2 may see catch-up, although note that it may occur on larger sites; most smaller sites lack the capacity to ‘catch up’, so work generally ends up being pushed back.