Supporting sustainable tropical timber

Supporting sustainable tropical timber

Incentivising good forest governance in tropical timber producing countries.

Lucy Kamall
Project Lead

Project managed  and coordinated by Timber Development UK (TDUK) through funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, Broader Market Recognition Coalition (BMRC) is a coalition of six producing nations including Cameroon, Ghana, Guyana, Indonesia, Liberia, and the Republic of Congo.

The aim of BMRC is to incentivize good forest governance in tropical timber producing countries. It does so through promotion of members’ National Sustainable Forestry Systems (NSFS) and the products they deliver in demand-side markets around the world.

This aids in securing market access, particularly in light of the growing trend of countries worldwide implementing import controls, and governments and businesses introducing and strengthening procurement policies to ensure the legality and sustainability of timber and wood products.

By raising international awareness of BMRC countries achievements in strengthening their environmental credentials through continuous improvement of their NSFS, the objective is effectively to harness the market to the cause of tropical forest maintenance.

BMRC members submit their NSFS to independent assessment validation and endorsement against internationally accepted criteria for sustainable forestry.

Their timber and wood products will then be authorized to carry BMRC labelling, delivering the message that they:

• Are sustainable, or progressing to sustainable
• Contribute to achievement of socio-economic goals
• And provide for wider environmental benefits.

The BMRC Roadmap, which shows how these goals will be achieved, is the outcome of broad stakeholder dialogue. It describes the Coalition’s structure, its aim to win demand-side market recognition of members’ Sustainable Forestry Systems and how this is to be achieved.

The Tropical Timber Accord, endorsed at COP26 and the “Beyond FLEGT” session at the Indonesia Pavilion in COP27 agreed that a new initiative was needed to harness market demand for international forest products in support of tropical countries’ National Sustainable Forestry Systems.

Subsequent dialogue concluded that such an initiative should ‘define a system of rules based legality and sustainability for tropical countries, supporting governance and strong global collaboration’. Get in touch with us to find out more about our work in this area.