World Forest ID wants your thoughts on scientific testing

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World Forest ID is a small, US-registered non-profit established in 2021 to leverage unique geo-located plant chemistry, environmental data and cutting edge technology to enable traceable and accountable global supply chains.

The organisation is asking TDUK members to complete its latest Private Sector Priority Species Survey, to help it understand private sector species priorities for scientific testing. From the lists in the survey questions below please:
  • Rank species in each region based on your priorities for conducting scientific testing either now (in 2023) or in the future.
  • Only base your rankings/prioritizations on the timber species you are specifically trading in 2023 or within the last three years.
  • If you are not trading a particular species or sourcing from the listed region, please leave it blank.
  • Complete some short survey questions on your current use of scientific testing techniques.
The survey closes today on Friday 29 September 2023. Results from the survey will remain anonymized and will inform World Forest ID’s strategic planning. Please follow up with Marigold Norman ( if you have any questions.
You can complete the survey online here at Private Sector Priority Species Survey