Case Study: RHS Resilient Garden


Case Study: RHS Resilient Garden

About the project

The RHS Resilient Garden is a bold ‘concept vision’ that hopes to change the way in which gardens are landscaped in future; in order to help combat and avert climate change. The project was showcased at the Royal Hampton Court Palace Garden Show using products supplied by DHH Panel Products – and is a visual representation based upon the well-known book of the same name.

The space was designed by Tom Massey; and helps illustrate how green spaces could be better designed in the future to make them more resilient and adaptable to a warming climate. Features include an innovative irrigation system that prevents flooding by capturing rainwater; and a ‘Food Forest’ growing area that works alongside the ecosystems and wildlife occupying the space.

A central pre-fabricated timber building is one of the main centrepieces of the garden; designed to be both sustainable and environmentally-friendly in its construction and use. The concept of this structure was realised by My Room in the Garden, and uses a range of sustainable wood-based panel products.

We donated an ensemble of decorative and structural products to this ambitious project, including Eucalyptus Plywood and Okoume Marine Plywood. Both of these panels are great alternatives to Birch Plywood, and are widely specified for their excellent moisture-resistant and weatherproofing properties. We also supplied Smartply OSB3 products, which were used to build the initial frame of the structure.

The interior walls, roof struts and shelving were all created using either Eucalyptus or Okoume Plywood panels, alongside providing some of the weight-loading structure. These products were chosen specially for their natural decorative faces and calm, relaxing aesthetic when used in minimalist spaces.

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