Good Wood Business 8 Issue

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21 September 2021

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Whichever type of construction product we sell, we want our customers to be safe, either in using the product or living with it long-term, incorporated in a building. Several workstreams across the construction sector are working towards the goal of building safety. The first, the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI), concerns all of us who convey information about construction products to others, whether we’re selling taps, tiles or timber.

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Case studies

One new building stands out on the Golden Mile – a faceted three-storey tower set on a long, low plinth and covered with gold shingles which sparkle in the light. This is Festival House, an award winning building designed by architect dRMM.

Oasis Farm Waterloo is an urban farm, tucked away in the heart of London, next to Waterloo Station, just to the south of Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament.